Initial Certification for Medical Physics

Requirements and Application

Last verified on June 28, 2017
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To be eligible for Part 1 on a new application, you must be enrolled in and in good standing with, or have graduated from, a CAMPEP-accredited program (graduate program, doctorate in medical physics [DMP] program, certificate program, or medical physics residency). New applicants should review the ABR Audit Standards Policy for Initial Certification in Medical Physics.
Note: CAMPEP has a service for review of individual courses. This is not the same thing as a CAMPEP-accredited certificate program and is not an acceptable credential for admission to the Part 1 Exam in medical physics. Completion of the certificate courses without being enrolled in a certificate program is also not an acceptable credential.


Applications for the Part 1 exam are accepted between September 1 and October 31 for the following year’s exam. Please check back here on September 1, 2018, for the 2019 exam application.

Exam Application Schedule

September 1: Application acceptance window opens.
October 31: Deadline to submit complete application packets to the ABR. Packets postmarked after this date will be returned, with the next opportunity for submission being September – October of the following year.
November 30: Notification of exam eligibility for first-time applicants for Part 1. Denied applicants are given one opportunity to appeal.
December 30: Deadline for receipt of appeal.
January 30: Final notification of exam eligibility following review of application requests (only one appeal is allowed per year).

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