Initial Certification for Medical Physics

Requirements and Application

Last verified on January 23, 2019
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To be eligible for Part 1 on a new application, candidates must be enrolled in and in good standing with, or have graduated from, a CAMPEP-accredited program (graduate program, doctorate in medical physics (DMP) program, certificate program, or medical physics residency). New applicants should review the ABR Audit Standards Policy for Initial Certification in Medical Physics.


Applications for the 2020 Part 1 exam are accepted between September 2, 2019, and December 1, 2019.

After your application is submitted:

Within 30 days, candidates will be notified via email in the event that we should have any questions, and of the status of their application.
If your application is approved:
  • Approval notification will include instructions on how to pay the Part 1 application fee.
  • Candidates will receive an exam invitation via email approximately two months before the exam. The invitation will include the opening date of Pearson VUE registration, as well as additional instructions.
If a candidate’s application is denied:
  • He or she is given one opportunity to appeal.
  • He or she will be given 30 days from notification of denial to file an appeal.

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