Initial Certification for Medical Physics

Conditions and Reapplications

Last verified on June 19, 2017

Computer-based Exams

If you have taken both the general and clinical sections of the Part 1 Exam and passed only one of them, you must do the following:
  • If you passed general only, you must retake clinical only.
  • If you passed clinical only, you must retake all of Part 1.
You cannot condition the Part 2 Exam. If you do not pass, you must retake the exam.

Oral Exam

If you fail one category (of the five categories on the Part 3 Oral Exam), you will have “conditioned” the exam and must retake the failed category. The time and place of the conditioned exam will be outlined in the “next steps” communication from the ABR. You will be examined by two examiners in the conditioned category. The two exam periods are about 30 minutes long, and each examiner will usually ask five questions. Thus, you will answer 10 questions in the category in which you conditioned.
The questions asked will be similar to those on the original exam, and the scoring criteria are also the same. You must receive passing scores from both examiners to remove the condition. If the condition is removed, you will be board certified. If you do not remove the condition, you will remain in the conditioned status and can continue to take the conditioned exam until your board eligibility status expires.


The ABR has replaced the three “opportunities” for exam participation per application with time limits for attaining initial certification. This gives candidates more flexibility in managing their exam process.
For more information on the requirements to re-enter the certification process, please see the applicable policies, located here:

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