Part 3 Exam for Initial Certification

Therapeutic Medical Physics (TMP) Oral Exam Content

Last verified on December 12, 2022
TMP Category Description
Reference and relative dosimetry
  • Reference dosimetry: Absolute calibration for photons, electrons, protons, and low-energy x-rays
  • Ion chamber and electrometer design, characteristics, application, and QA
  • Other dosimeters design, characteristics, application, and QA
  • Survey detectors design and application
  • Film design, characteristics, application, and QA
Treatment machines
  • Photon and electron medical accelerators
  • Proton units
  • Specialized machines (design and function)
  • Therapy imaging (including physics, equipment design, application, image reconstruction, acceptance testing, and commissioning)
  • Shielding and radiation safety
External beam treatment planning, uncertainty management, and treatment planning system QA
  • Photon treatment planning
  • Electron treatment planning
  • Management of uncertainties
  • Treatment planning for specialized machines
  • Treatment planning system QA
Brachytherapy, radiation protection, radiation biology
  • Brachytherapy
  • Treatment room shielding
  • Brachytherapy treatment planning
  • Radiation protection
  • Radiation biology
Patient safety, data transfer and integrity, professionalism, and ethics
  • Patient-specific treatment delivery QA
  • Quality control and error prevention
  • Incident learning systems and medical event reporting
  • Computing & IT
  • Professionalism and ethics